"The day we forget we are in business because of the customer is the day we start going out of business."

To see Robert in action in some of his classic presentations, listed below are a series of short video clips available for download for both Windows (WMV Format) and Mac computers and devices (MOV or MP4 Format).

Kick the Chair

How to get an upset customer back
Runtime 2:24
Windows Media : video_kick.wmv
Apple Quicktime :

Digital Watch

Handling change
Runtime 1:28
Windows Media : video_watch.wmv
Apple Quicktime :

Customization Example (Smad, Smod, Smid)

Runtime 0:41 Windows Media : video_smad.wmv
Apple Quicktime :


Eliminating mistakes
Runtime 2:38
Windows Media : video_fubar.wmv
Apple Quicktime : video_fubar.mp4

The Importance of Details

What separates great companies from good ones
Runtime 1:28
Windows Media : video_details.wmv
Apple Quicktime :

I Just Want Coffee

How Customer Service Affects a Company
Runtime 2:30
Windows Media : video_coffee.wmv
Apple MP4 : video_coffee.mp4

Switch Your Thumbs

Runtime 0:45 Windows Media : video_thumbs.wmv
Apple MP4 : video_thumbs.mp4


Corporate Survival
Runtime 1:13
Windows Media : video_ibm.wmv
Apple MP4 : video_ibm.mp4

Creating Trust

Runtime 2:17 Windows Media : video_trust.wmv
Apple MP4 : video_trust.mp4

We have produced a new 29 minute promotional video on which you can witness Robert Stevenson in action in a variety of settings. Should you wish to receive a DVD copy of his promotional video, which is also a standard item in the Media Kit, please visit the Contact and Booking page or fill out the Contact Form. We have included a low-quality copy of the Promotional video below.

Full Promotional Video

Runtime 28:50 Windows Media : video_promo_2011_240.wmv
Apple MP4 : video_promo_2011_240.mp4