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Robert Stevenson’s Thoughts on the Pursuit of Excellence

“Kinda” Never Accomplished Anything

April 20, 2024

by Robert Stevenson

I kinda want a career, I kinda want to lose weight, I kinda want to do that, or I kinda wish that would happen. If you kinda want something you will seldom be successful in getting it. Kinda is the informal way of saying “kind of” and you won't find it in dictionaries. I suggest you take it out of your vocabulary as well. You don’t want to KINDA hope, do, try, or wish for anything.

Who Is Your Company?

April 12, 2024

by Robert Stevenson

The answer is simple: it is the person I am dealing with “AT THAT MOMENT.” In those fleeting seconds, one individual assumes the mantle of the entire enterprise. Their words, demeanor, and empathy become the face of the company. The warmth of their greeting or the efficiency of their problem-solving reverberates far beyond the immediate conversation.

A Title Doesn’t Make You a Leader

March 23, 2024

by Robert Stevenson

People would rather follow a leader with a heart than a leader with a title. A great leader doesn't need a fancy title to lead effectively. They show leadership through their actions and how they treat others. They're honest, caring, and have a clear vision for success. They don't care about being in charge; they care about helping their team succeed.

The Art of Conversation

March 16, 2024

by Robert Stevenson

The art of being a great conversationalist has a lot more to do with listening than speaking. Remember, you already know about yourself, so talking about you will seldom gain you anything. The secret to being a fantastic conversationalist is to remember: “It's not about what you say, but how many times you can say 'uh-huh' and 'oh, really?'” Now, that may sound silly, but it really makes a lot of sense. If you can get them talking and keep them talking, you will be noted as the great conversationalist even though you will have said very little. So, saying, “uh-huh” and “oh, really,” will keep that conversation moving along. I heard it once said: "To be a great conversationalist, listen twice as much as you speak, and then you'll be heard twice as much as you listen." I really like that quote.

Employee Turnover

March 9, 2024

by Robert Stevenson

I don’t understand why companies don’t do more to retain talented employees. According to Gallup, the expense of replacing an employee can vary significantly, spanning from one-half to two times the employee's annual salary. This range accounts for various factors contributing to turnover costs, such as recruitment expenses, training costs, lost productivity during the transition period, and potential impacts on team morale and productivity. That is a lot of money to walk out your door all because you did a lousy job making them want to stay.

The Destructive Power of “Sometimes”

March 2, 2024

by Robert Stevenson

Using "sometimes" to qualify actions can indeed undermine one's professional reputation and career. This simple word introduces doubt and inconsistency, while eroding trust and confidence in an individual's capabilities and character. OUCH!

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