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Here are winning strategies, techniques, methods, thoughts, principles and key habits for success that will empower you towards a better future.


Raise Your Line is a must read for anyone who wants to succeed in today’s competitive business world. This book is filled with information to help employees, business owners, leaders, and managers who are looking for better ways to move forward and progress towards a more successful future. In this book, Mr. Stevenson walks readers step by step, through how to improve their business performance, leadership skills, and reach their career goals.

Mr. Stevenson gives countless practical and thought provoking insights on how to succeed in this highly competitive business environment. Throughout his book, he emphasizes points which are extremely important to success, by placing them in a box entitled “LINE RAISER” (there are over 100 of them in the book). Not only does he identify and explain the things readers should work on improving, he then tells them how.

Raise Your Line - Robert Stevenson

How to Soar Like An Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys

A practical guide to becoming the extraordinary person everyone always wanted to be. Here are the winning strategies, techniques, methods and thoughts that will inspire, empower and motivate anyone toward a better future. This book will make the reader laugh, it will make the reader cry, but mostly it will make the reader think. How to Soar is one of the few books on the market that truly challenges individuals to improve themselves, challenges them to be better in relationships, better in business, better overall human beings. It is essential reading for anyone who seeks success.

How to Soar Like An Eagle In A World of Turkeys - Robert Stevenson

Seminar on DVD: Beyond Excellence

This fast-paced team building and leadership training program is filled with advice on how to become an extraordinary person in business, and in life. Using real world examples, dozens of interesting slides, and powerful true stories, Robert Stevenson delivers a high-energy leadership-training program that can help anyone to achieve higher levels of excellence. He covers a broad spectrum of ideas, including team building, leadership training, management training, team skills, accountability, dealing with stress, handling change, how to criticize, the power of laughter, how to exceed expectations, balance, and much more. Whether just starting out in business, or a seasoned professional, this leadership training video seminar focuses on all the things one who is committed to soaring above the rest must do to truly soar above and beyond excellence.

The program is divided into two parts. Part One runs 45 minutes and Part Two runs for 28 minutes.

Beyond Excellence - Robert Stevenson

52 Essential Habits For Success

52 Essential Habits For Success is designed to help you become a more talented, motivated, productive and successful individual. The problem with most self-help books is they burden down the reader with all the steps they must take, things they must do, lists they must write, and self-analysis they must ponder to help them become a better person. Even readers who have good intentions, find it extremely difficult to stick to the plan the author has laid out in the book. So, instead of mapping out a total plan of action you probably won't adhere to, Mr. Stevenson has designed a simple way for you to condition your mind with powerful success habits, that when used, will be the driving force behind your future success. He plans to instill 52 essential habits into your mind with no major studying, practicing, drilling or rehearsing. In fact, it will be done pretty effortlessly if you will follow his one simple set of instructions.

52 Essential Habits for Success - Robert Stevenson

Pocketful of Tweets on Success

I have found that sometimes it just takes one quote, one thought, one phrase that will serve as a spark to get you on a path to success. I have also found in this fast paced world, people want all the clutter removed when it comes to getting the answer; people don't want a lot of commentary because they simply don't have the time.

So, keeping those points in mind, I decided to write a Get-to-the-Point, Cut-to-the-Chase, Give-it-to-me-Fast book on practical principles that are short and to-the-point. I also decided to write each quote in the form of a Tweet (140 characters or less) so they could easily be shared via Twitter. In keeping each principle in Twitter format, you may find that my grammar or punctuation isn't perfect, but my message is still able to be understood, and that is all that matters.

I hope you will find my Pocketful of Tweets on Success both insightful and helpful on your journey towards reaching your full potential. You must understand that your only true security in life is your personal ability to perform. These principles are sure ways to help you succeed in this ever-changing, highly competitive world we live in.

Pocket Full of Tweets On Success - Robert Stevenson



Here are winning strategies, techniques, methods, thoughts, principles and key habits for success that will empower you towards a better future.

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