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A Title Doesn’t Make You a Leader

March 23, 2024

by Robert Stevenson

People would rather follow a leader with a heart than a leader with a title. A great leader doesn't need a fancy title to lead effectively. They show leadership through their actions and how they treat others. They're honest, caring, and have a clear vision for success. They don't care about being in charge; they care about helping their team succeed.

Leadership is not determined by your rank …
but rather your ability to positively influence others.

A good leader doesn't seek praise but focuses on getting things done and helping others grow. They inspire their team to do their best and create a positive atmosphere. In the end, a great leader's impact is felt by everyone around them, no matter their job title.

I heard it once said that … “Fear has no place in Management & Leadership. If anyone uses fear as a so-called “Strategy” to get their employees working, that person has no place leading or managing anyone.” I totally agree with that statement. All of us need to remember that if someone treats us badly, there is something wrong with them, not us. Great leaders don’t go around destroying other people.

If you aspire to be a great leader here are a few ESSENTIAL THINGS, you should consider doing.

  • Cheer them on
  • Help them improve
  • Lend a helping hand
  • Create a culture of trust
  • Offer guidance when needed
  • Be a role model they can follow
  • Celebrate their accomplishments
  • Provide opportunities for them to shine
  • Listen carefully to what they have to say
  • Help them step out of their comfort zone
  • Offer chances for them to learn and grow
  • Let them make decisions and take charge
  • Create a positive and welcoming atmosphere
  • Make sure they know what's expected of them

Being a great leader is about them, not you. You will notice in this list “them” and “they” are used over and over again. Your role as a leader is to make “them” better – to bring out the BEST in others; simply stated … Help “them” be the best they can be.

Great leaders have also found that talented people go (and stay) where they are appreciated. So, go back and read over the list of ESSENTIAL THINGS great leaders do, and then MAKE SURE YOU DO THEM.

"Your only true security in life
is your ability to perform."

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