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Formula for a Well-Balanced Life

October 8, 2023

by Robert Stevenson

Mr. Edwin C. Barnes became one of the business partners of Thomas A. Edison. He was a very detailed and disciplined man and, because of his nature, decided to write down a list of principles to follow (a formula) to live a well-balanced life. It is called “The Barnes Creed”. Here is a shortened version of what he wrote. I will…




free my mind of self-made limitations

share my blessings with those who are worthy to receive them

continue to learn and grow both physically and spiritually

look for good in others and school myself to deal gently with their faults

avoid self-pity by seeking stimulation to a greater effort

keep an open mind on all subjects and toward all people so that I may rise above intolerance

cultivate the habit of “going the extra mile” and always rendering more and better service than is expected of me

turn adversity and defeat into assets by remembering that they always carry with them the seed of equivalent benefits

channel my mind toward prosperity and success by keeping my thoughts as much as possible on the major goal I have set for myself

always conduct myself toward others in such a manner that I may never be ashamed to face the man I greet at the mirror in the morning

These are simple words to read but difficult principles to follow. When you want to build a house, before you ever stick a stake in the ground, you start with a blueprint. If you want to build the house right, you stick to the blueprint. The same is true with leading a well-balanced life. You need a blueprint of some kind to follow. Many of us do this subconsciously, based on the input from our parents, teachers, coaches and friends. I feel you will be better served if you decide upon “YOUR CREED” and make it become reality.

To give closure to our formula for a well-balanced life, I feel we need to consider the words of George Eliot, from his poem entitled, “Count That Day Lost.”

We have only one shot at this life we live,
so, let’s do our best to make it a well-balanced one.

"Your only true security in life
is your ability to perform."

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