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“Thank you so much Robert for being part of our kick-off meeting. Your presentation was fantastic, your message was terrific and a tremendous complement to the overall program. We were so pleased with having you with us. Here it is several days later and people at the office are still talking about your program.”

- Caterpillar

One feature that has pleased Mr. Stevenson's clients is his ability to adapt programs to meet their particular needs. He feels the program he presents needs to feel as if it the client's own program, designed specifically for their group ... with appropriate content, humor, visual aids, and group participation. This is where he excels. He understands that preparation is the critical element required to insure the success of every presentation. Mr. Stevenson spends a considerable amount of time preparing for each program to insure it is tailored to meet their specific needs. All preparation and planning time are included in his fee.

Here is an example of standard costs to be covered by his client. At the time of booking a more specific estimate will be completed. There are no hidden fees, making it easy to budget expenses.

Please note that all expenses are in addition to his speaking fee and are to be paid by the contracting party. Expenses include, but are not limited to:

Portal-to-portal travel expenses

Air travel from Tampa International Airport (or specified location)

Ground transportation

Lodging (if required)


A/V equipment

Seminar room fee, etc.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure a date. We will secure a confirmed hold on a date upon receipt of the signed contract and deposit.

Anyone wishing to inquire about Robert Stevenson's availability or fees can:

  • Contact the Booking Bureau or Event Planner who gave the referral to this site

  • Call Roberts Office at 727-789-2727

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Robert's programs are always customized to meet the client's needs. Toward that end, his programs range from a 45-minute keynote speech to multi day seminars.

  • Keynote Speeches Up to 90 minutes

  • Customized Seminar/Workshop 1/2 Day

  • Customized Seminar/Workshop Full Day

Anyone wishing a fee quote may get additional information by using the contact form or by contacting the bureau or agency account representative who recommended the site.


It is important to understand that when Robert executes his programs he interacts with his audience a great deal. There is no need for a podium as Robert will most likely be all over the room, however if the venue has a stage set-up he will need stairs set up in front so he can easily enter the audience. Seating should be set up to allow Mr. Stevenson easy movement within the crowd.

Stage Setup: Robert will need the following provided by the client or the venue at the clients' behest:

  • Large Tabletop to set up two laptops (Robert uses two of his personal laptops into facilitate a smooth presentation)

  • LCD/Digital Projector with a minimum of 1000 lumens output (A backup is the responsibility of the client)

  • Wireless Lapel/Lavaliere Microphone

  • Pitcher of Water


If time permits following his program, Mr. Stevenson will be happy to make himself available to participate in a book signing. Please request a book signing as soon as possible so he can incorporate additional time in his travel schedule (if possible) to accommodate your request.


The time allotted for the book signing is dependent on the size of the audience.

Anyone wishing to pre-purchase one or more signed books or other items to reinforce Robert's message, please click here to order.


For those wishing to purchase in quantities greater than 40, please call to inquire about discounts.


Robert Stevenson enjoys a great relationship with many speakers' bureaus and professional event planners around the country.

Robert understands the importance of the client relationship, and toward that end, supports that relationship. Send clients here where they can view the promotional videos, read testimonies, and program details here to assure them in their booking.  


Mr. Stevenson has bureaus that have booked him over 200 times, proving he goes to great lengths to ensure you remain a constant in the booking process and protects your client relationship. 

If a prospect contacts Mr. Stevenson's office for fee information, the fees always reflect the fees that speaker bureaus are quoting.

When booking Mr. Stevenson for a client feel confident that they will be ecstatic with the engagement.


Robert's client roster reads like a who's who of industry giants.

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