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A complete Media Package is available by clicking on the pdf. icon beside the Media Kit to the right. Mr. Stevenson’s Media Kit contains his promotional brochure, testimonials, a partial list of some of the companies he has worked for, program descriptions, book and DVD information, along with an explanation of how he customizes his programs.

If you would like to receive a Media Kit containing his fees, please visit the  Contact Form, fill out the requested information, and we will send it to you immediately.

Anyone wishing to make a video or audio tape recording of Robert's program at an event must contact Seeking Excellence, Inc. at (727) 789-2727 prior to the event to obtain details and permission.

All programs delivered by Robert Stevenson are owned by Seeking Excellence, Inc.

Robert Stevenson Motivational Global Speaker and Best Selling Author

Articles help shine a light on the beliefs, philosophies, experience, knowledge, values, and principles of the people who write them.

To get a better understanding of Mr. Stevenson read some of his favorite articles that he has written for his clients. 

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