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The Single Most Important Skill Determining Your Success In Life


"All too often, talking is mistaken for communication."

The Single Most Important Skill Determining Your Success in Life is Communication. Communication is an interactive event between two or more individuals; a give and take of thoughts, wants, or needs. Communication is a skill that must be learned and practiced regularly in order to be successful at it. This communication program was designed using proven and powerful communication techniques intended to call the audience to action, calling them to examine their own skills, and then calling them to actively practice improving those skills.


    Communication is a learned behavior that must be practiced

    Communication is more than the ability to form words

    Effective listening is the most important skill in communication

    Before a person will listen there must be rapport

    Rapport is built from trust

    Without confidence there can never be rapport or trust


    Understand how to develop Trust, Confidence and Rapport

    Learn the 9 ways to transform their personal impact

    Develop Verbal, Vocal and Visual communication skills

    Enhance their "Likeability" and "Personality" factors

    Learn the effective use of humor

    Incorporate Neuro-Linguistic techniques

    Understand representational systems: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic

    Refine their listening skills

    Handle objections properly

    Understand the importance of
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