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Technology is a tool, not an answer.
Getting information fast is an advantage, but only when combined with critical thinking, communication and collaboration.
For companies to survive and thrive in this ever-changing business environment, they must know how to avoid BUSINESS DISRUPTORS.


One of the greatest strategic advantages a company can have is the ability to avoid business disruptors. The sources for business disruption are everywhere. Situational imposed business disruptors would include recessions, poor hiring practices, lack of technology, strong competition, new government regulations, changing consumer trends, or data breaches, to name a few. On top of the situational imposed business disruptors, are the self-imposed disruptions caused by poor leadership, lack of knowledge or data, arrogance, laziness, poor research, assumptions, disregarding trends, foolish judgement, bad employees and poor customer service.

The average life expectancy of a multinational corporation-Fortune 500 or its equivalent is only 40 years. Over 420 U.S. companies with assets of more than $500 million have filed for bankruptcy since 1981 and over 74% of the Fortune 500 companies that existed in 1980 are no longer on the list. Business disruptions can be devastating but they don’t have to be. Mr. Stevenson’s program is designed to help business leaders and employees understand where business disruptions come from and how to deal with, and when possible, avoid them.


    Human resources are a company's most valuable asset

    Collective problem identification can be very productive

    Empowered employees results in more energized ideas

    An established Focused Action Plan aligns the organization towards common goals

    Involving your employees in the problem-solving process is the most efficient way to produce multiple workable solutions


    Establishing open, candid communication between team members

    Having all team members addressing critical issues

    Getting everyone involved and creating a contagious level of high energy

    Recognizing problems and empowering individuals to correct them

    Dealing with business disruptors as soon as they occur
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