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Success Reminders

Robert Stevenson Blog - Oh how things change.

In 1975 the fastest supercomputer cost $5 million. Today a $400 iPhone would be able to perform even faster. Worldwide, there are approximately 6.84 billion smartphones. To put that into perspective, that figure accounts for around 85% of the 8 billion global population.

Because of the onslaught of rapidly changing technology, to succeed in today’s business environment, companies/people will need to adapt, adjust, and re-educate themselves. Vision, tenacity, and execution will only lead to success if you can deal with the technological changes being thrown at you.

But, dealing with technology is only one aspect of being successful. The first thing to understand about success is … it isn’t easy. The definition of easy is … requiring no great labor or effort, uncomplicated, unchallenging, painless, simple, without difficulty. It is EASY to settle for average. It is EASY to rationalize failures and disappointments. It is EASY to blame others. It’s EASY to be closed-minded. It’s EASY to stay within your comfort zone. It’s EASY to give up. It is also EASY to be lazy, procrastinate, be distracted and impatient.

At the beginning of any career or new endeavor, success and easy have nothing in common. It is only through time, effort, practice and persistence will things start to become easier to do. So, experience and easy have a lot in common. The practice, time, effort, and preparation required to become a world-renowned concert pianist is approximately seventeen years; playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata becomes easy after seventeen years of practice.

Even though technology is changing every moment, the Rules for Success remain the same. From time to time I think it is a good exercise to remind ourselves of “some” of those Rules … especially with all the new things we have to encounter or deal with on a daily basis. Successful people understand:

you never give up


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