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Norma Seymour was the Senior Vice President of Service Delivery for Cayman National, in the Cayman Islands. I loved how descriptive her title was … Service Delivery. Ms. Seymour took her job and title very seriously and did everything she could to help everyone in her organization deliver … as she put it … “DELIGHTFUL” customer service.

I have had the opportunity to work for Cayman National twice, and in my research preparing for my programs, I witnessed first-hand, just how hard they work at delivering the best customer service in their industry. They know that great, exceptional, amazing, “DELIGHTFUL” customer service all starts and finishes with their people.

The financial services market is highly competitive and just as soon as a competitor comes up with a new product or service, everyone else will have it in short order. One out of five bank customers move their money every year because of poor customer service; not products, not location, not interest rates … just simply … poor customer service. To lose 20% of your business because of the way you treat customers is appalling. In some industries, that number is even higher. One study I read said 15% of customers left because of quality, 15% because of price, 20% because of lack of attention and 50% because “Contact” from personnel was poor. So, those numbers equate to 70% of the customers who left … did so because of the human side of doing business. OUCH!

In my last program for Cayman National, I decided to weave my remarks around their goal of delivering “DELIGHTFUL” customer service. If you do a synonym check on the word DELIGHTFUL you will get words like agreeable, alluring, cheery, congenial, engaging, enjoyable, gratifying, pleasing, pleasurable, refreshing, and satisfying. Those are some pretty descriptive and admirable words to live up to in doing business with anyone. I challenged them with the following list of words … relating them with their DE-IGHTFUL goal.

Delight Your Customers In All That You Do

and Success Will Surely Follow You


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