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What Makes You Stand Out ?

Robert Stevenson Blog - Success comes to those who stand out.

When I deal with the sales team of any organization, there is one specific question I like to ask that will tell me how skilled the salesperson is and how good their sales training has been. I ask the question in a private setting, just the two of us. Here is the question:

“I have spoken to your top three competitors, and they have told me why I should do business with them. I would like to know why I should do business with you. I want you to give me a two-minute commercial on what makes your company better than your competitors.”

You would be amazed how many times I get AWFUL answers to that question. I think it would be advisable for all companies to spend some time thinking about and answering the following questions:

  • What Makes You Special?

  • What's Your Competitive Advantage?

  • Is There Anything You Do Better Than Your Competition?

  • What Will Make Your Clients Tell Their Friends About You?

  • What Are Several Ways Your Customer Service Stands Out?

  • Are There Ways You Can Sell Value Instead of Selling Price?

  • How Can You Deliver More Than You Promised Your Client?

You can take those 7 questions and roll them all into one:What differentiates you from your competitors?

For example: There is …

  • a financial planner who has each client’s car detailed while he is conducting their annual review.

  • a realtor who has an enormous lunch delivered to her clients when they move into the house they bought from her on their move-in date.

  • a remodeling contractor who has his employees clean up the worksite every day to show the respect they have for the client’s home. He gives out a giant “ShopVac” to each client when he is done with the job, to reinforce that message.

  • a plumber who puts booties over his shoes before entering your house. Would that impress you? It sure impressed me.

What can you do that would make your company“stand out” from your competition?


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