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I have found that sometimes it just takes one quote, one thought, one phrase that will serve as a spark to get you on a path to success. I have also found in this fast paced world, people want all the clutter removed when it comes to getting the answer; people don't want a lot of commentary because they simply don't have the time.

So, keeping those points in mind, I decided to write a Get-to-the-Point, Cut-to-the-Chase, Give-it-to-me-Fast book on practical principles that are short and to-the-point. I also decided to write each quote in the form of a Tweet (140 characters or less) so they could easily be shared via Twitter. In keeping each principle in Twitter format, you may find that my grammar or punctuation isn't perfect, but my message is still able to be understood, and that is all that matters.

I hope you will find my Pocketful of Tweets on Success both insightful and helpful on your journey towards reaching your full potential. You must understand that your only true security in life is your personal ability to perform. These principles are sure ways to help you succeed in this ever-changing, highly competitive world we live in.

Pocketful of Tweets on Success

  • Please note that Robert Stevenson does not ship to U.S. Territories (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan, Midway Islands, American Samoa, and Federated States of Micronesia), U.S. post office boxes, international reshippers, or businesses that forward packages to international addresses.

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