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Raise Your Line is a must read for anyone who wants to succeed in today’s competitive business world. This book is filled with information to help employees, business owners, leaders, and managers who are looking for better ways to move forward and progress towards a more successful future. In this book, Mr. Stevenson walks readers step by step, through how to improve their business performance, leadership skills, and reach their career goals.

Mr. Stevenson gives countless practical and thought provoking insights on how to succeed in this highly competitive business environment. Throughout his book, he emphasizes points which are extremely important to success, by placing them in a box entitled “LINE RAISER” (there are over 100 of them in the book). Not only does he identify and explain the things readers should work on improving, he then tells them how.


A small fragment upon an endless line represents the time you have on earth.
Your line may be short or long and it starts at your birth.
Your line can be uneventful, a dull and boring straight line,
or it can rise, and rise again, marking good decisions on your timeline.
The time will come when you are gone and all that is left is your line.
To make it stand out from all the rest, you must keep it rising all the time.

Raise Your Line

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