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The Relentless Pursuit Of Excellence


Simple words like “Why” or “What if” can save a company if asked at the right time. Great leaders see challenges as an invitation for the group to test, justify, explain, and prove ideas. They welcome vigorous dialogue and debate. They see argument and disagreement as catalysts to better solutions. Unfortunately, some managers / bosses / CEOs / companies have instilled such an environment of fear that they seldom, if ever, have anyone question their ideas, policies, procedures, or methods. In an environment where the Top 10 In-Demand Jobs today did not exist in 2004 and the amount of technical information in the world is doubling every 2 years, innovation has become one of the critical functions of survival for companies today.

“Great managers” have no problem admitting a policy or procedure just doesn’t work anymore. They understand you cannot become what you need to be by remaining what you are. This program will teach your participants how to delve, inquire, forget the past, try a clean slate, rewrite the rulebook, involve other fields of expertise, look from a different angle, try to find a 2nd right answer, along with the importance of involving all departments and levels of experience. It will show them how to inspire, exchange ideas, share experiences, describe challenges, have a shared sense of purpose, and learn from each other. If you want to create an Innovative Environment where your people will understand the power and purpose of openly and candidly challenging the rules, understanding the genius of subtraction rather than addition, appreciate that the Hero is the one with ideas and how “not” to succumb to the destructive power of traditional mindsets … then this program is for you.


    To understand, How to INNOVATE, you first should identify, Why to Innovate

    You cannot become what you need to be by remaining what you are

    Challenging points of views keep companies healthy

    Healthy companies constantly reinforce the reasons why it is critical to keep improving


    Learn how to get a unified commitment from their department / team

    Identify and understand the Essential Habits for Success for their company/industry

    See the importance of asking and answering the “What If’s”

    Get all employees involved in looking for ways to grow their business

    Look at their company through the “Eyes of Their Enemies” and identify weaknesses they might exploit
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