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The Leadership Formula


"The energy in a business radiates from its leaders and affects every aspect of the organization. It is critical to understand that Leadership is a Process – Not an Event."

The Leadership program focus is on practical, insightful and useful skills that help to make relationships work and companies prosper. Designed with the goal of helping organizations thrive in today's marketplace, Mr. Stevenson identifies how to start, maintain, and deepen working relationships. This program starts with the nine elements of the Leadership Formula then delves even deeper into the philosophy of relationships. Mr. Stevenson addresses courage and challenge, confidence and commitment, compassion and communication, change, cooperation, and control.


    People not Procedures

    Action not Talk

    Want To not Made To

    Desired not Required

    Showing not Shouting

    Flexible not Fixed

    Listening not Telling

    Caring not Bottom Line

    A Process Not an Event


    Open two-way channels of communication

    Establish rapport

    Develop respect

    Recognize effort

    Provide effective encouragement

    Deal with differing viewpoints

    Improve listening skills

    Encourage and solicit suggestions

    Master the skills to gain willing cooperation
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