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A Higher Line Mentality

Robert Stevenson - Raise Your Line

There are certain times in our business and personal lives that we have to make important decisions that will have a huge impact on our future. These “defining moments” or “critical choices” are the difference between clarity or confusion, misery or joy, success or failure. Several years ago, I was the recipient of some rather profound commentary on life. It didn’t come to me via some world-renowned scholar or teacher; it was casually presented to me by my son Tyler, who at the time was a 21-year-old college student. We were talking about his first few years away at college and I asked him how he goes about making important decisions. He thought for a moment and then said: (I am paraphrasing to the best of my memory) …

“Dad, to me, life is like a line. It can be a straight horizontal line from birth to death, where you don’t do anything but basically exist, so there is nothing to cause the line to go up (representing you did something good) … or … causing it to go down (representing you did something bad). I am all about making my line as high as I can. So, when I have to make a decision about doing something or not doing something, I think about my line. It helps making a decision so much easier.”

I would say that was some rather profound commentary on life. Complicated just got simple. Confusing just got clear. Indecisiveness just turned into action. It’s all about a higher line mentality. The same is true in business. When choosing what course to chart, what actions to take, what decisions to make, always do what is necessary so your results are depicted with a higher line. I decided to write a book on that concept, entitled, Raise Your Line. In that book I wrote a poem that hits the subject head on that I wanted to share with you. I hope you like it.

Robert Stevenson Blog - Make Your Line Rise

Success in life and business is all about a higher line mentality.


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