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Clean Slate

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Was yesterday a great, average or lousy day for you? Well guess what …it no longer matters; we have all moved on. Your results of good or bad, lousy or great, failure or success, awesome or terrible all just vanished in the blink of an eye. Some people are still mourning their results while others are regaling in their accomplishments.

It is important to learn from your failures ... as it is to feel proud of your accomplishments; but it is more important to understand that life is not static. What’s done is done and EVERYONE starts all over again at ZERO.

I live, eat and breathe the philosophy of“Hero to Zero” every day.

I don’t care if it is on a business or personal basis, past performance doesn’t guarantee future success. You may have come out on top of your competitors last year or you may have lost badly, but you NOW start over again. What I love about life is it gives us a clean slate, blank page, empty canvas, fresh start, and a new beginning every day.

There are thousands of companies who have sales meetings, announcing their winners for last year. For all you winners out there, let me both congratulate you for a job well done and give you a warning. My warning is … don’t let the accolades go to your head. It is tough in any industry or profession to stay on top; of the top 10 employers in the US in 1960, only one remains on the list today: General Electric.

I am the eternal optimist. As a motivational business speaker for over 30 years, I have preached the "power of optimism" and how you should incorporate it in everything you do. This is a perfect time to incorporate the “power of optimism” into your business and personal life. Country music performing legend, Brad Paisley, once stated the following about life: “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.” I love that quote. It says it all. It’s your book, it’s a new book and you can determine the ending. Don’t encumber yourself with what you could have or should have done, or rest on your accomplishments.

What you do next is what counts the most, that is the point I want to make clear. Think about what you are going to do today. Remember, what’s done is done and EVERYONE starts all over again at ZERO.


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