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Nothing Happens Until You Decide

Robert Stevenson Blog - Choices and Decisions

“DECIDE” is an enormously powerful word. How powerful is it? You are one decision away from an entirely new life. I would say that is extremely powerful. Every accomplishment starts with a decision, so nothing happens until you “DECIDE” to make it happen. We also need to understand that decisions can be hard to make because sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same thing.

The first step in getting what you want … is to “DECIDE” what you want. SO, “DECIDE & DO” something today that your future will thank you for. As a leader your job is to decide on which important things you need to be dealing with and what decisions you can make that will have the most positive effect on your company. Making a decision to alter your course becomes a catalyst for emerging ideas. Your mind wants a direction, a course, a decision, and when you give it that clarity, it rewards you with new hope, inspiration, and energy. You quit floundering in your indecision and flourish in your new direction.

Robert Stevenson Blog - Consider This

One of the main components in the “Art of Making Decisions” is can you live with the consequences if the decision you make goes wrong? If you can’t live with the bad consequence(s) then you better look for an alternative solution. Some people may say, “Well, I didn’t see that consequence coming” or “I never thought of that possibility”…that is why, with critical decisions, you may want to solicit other peoples’ opinions. With their help, decide if you can live with the consequences if it fails. If you can live with the consequences, then GO FOR IT!

NEVER doubt your decision, NEVER look back, NEVER SECOND GUESS… because if you do, those actions will help to sabotage your decision.

The Fastest Way to Kill a Good to Second Guess it.


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