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Once-In-A-While Won’t Cut It

Consistency - be like the sun...rise to the task every day

If you want to be the person or company they can always count on, then it is critical you deliver DAY-IN & DAY-OUT. Consistency is what transforms a reputation of average into one of excellent and it will also create TRUST with customers and bosses. When people know they can count on you, you will always be in demand. Consistency is essential to your success and nothing great will ever happen without it. What matters most is what you do every day, not what you do every-once- in-a-while. The power of your personal brand is based on four things: Competency, Reliability, Consistency and Trust.

The test of your greatness is your consistency. Success doesn’t come to those who do things occasionally. It comes to those who do things consistently. Do you remember Devo, Bertie Higgins, Taco, Jeff Healey, Tom Cochrane, Kriss Kross, Kevin Little or James Blunt? Me neither! But they all made it to the top of the Billboard 100 … one time. That was it. They are what the music industry calls “One-Hit Wonders.”

Customers like companies who deliver on a consistent basis. People don’t go to a restaurant because the food is good some of the time. Bosses don’t want employees who do good work periodically. Sometimes, occasionally, periodically, sporadically, erratically, intermittently are not the adjectives you want people using about you or your company. Once-in-a-blue-moon or flash-in-the-pan will not lead you to greatness.

Every time you DON'T deliver is an opportunity to make your client, coach or boss look for someone who will deliver consistently. We all need to realize our only true security in life is...

  • our desire to improve, learn and study

  • our focusing on the most important matters

  • our reliability in delivering more than is expected

  • our ability to perform better than our competition

  • our persistence to constantly keep moving forward


Starbucks has spent millions of dollars creating courses that TRAIN their people on not just the steps of the process, but more importantly, on how to maintain the self-discipline to do it every time. Consistency is critical to success.

A person/company who will do more than expected every time and do it with a smile on their face will find themselves in HIGH DEMAND. Mark Twain said, “Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.” Don’t impress me with your words, impress me with your deeds (your lightning). If you want to differentiate yourself, your company, or organization from your competition, then set out to impress people with the job you do … every time!

I have a list of people I can call on, who are experts at what they do. But, the reason I call upon them is that they always IMPRESS ME with their finished product or service; they give me splendid, superb, well-done and on time … EVERY TIME.

I have no use for“Once-in-a-while” people or companies:never have and never will.


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