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Success List

Robert Stevenson Blog - Time to Think About Success

You may not agree with all the points on my Success List below, but it gives you some things to think about. If you feel there is a better answer for any or all of them, then scratch out my opinion and write in yours. You might have more than one thing that you feel should be listed by each point … and that’s okay. (In some cases, I found it extremely hard to identify just one) The objective here is to get us all thinking about what is really involved in being successful: it sure made me think. We all need to understand: before we can be it, do it, and live it … we must recognize it.

My “Critical Top 7” from this list would be: HEALTH – if I don’t have good health nothing else matters. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: the only way to be. INTEGRITY: if you don’t have it, I want nothing to do with you. PERSISTENCE: I will either succeed or try again. DO MORE THAN EXPECTED: in everything I do. DISCIPLINE: if I don’t have the discipline to do what needs to be done, all of this is just commentary. HAPPINESS: the true measure of success. What are your Top 7? Make a list and then follow it.


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