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The Destructive Power Of “Sometimes”

Robert Stevenson Blog - The Destructive Power of Sometimes

Using "sometimes" to qualify actions can indeed undermine one's professional reputation and career. This simple word introduces doubt and inconsistency while eroding trust and confidence in an individual's capabilities and character. OUCH!

The word“sometimes” can be very destructive to your career when used in describing your actions. Here are a few examples:

You are fair – SOMETIMES

You are honest – SOMETIMES

You are reliable – SOMETIMES

You are punctual – SOMETIMES

You stay focused – SOMETIMES

You have integrity – SOMETIMES

You are open-minded – SOMETIMES

You can be counted on – SOMETIMES

You give your best effort – SOMETIMES

You deliver on your promises - SOMETIMES

You treat people with respect – SOMETIMES

You remain calm in tough situations – SOMETIMES

You are accountable for your actions – SOMETIMES

The word “sometimes” suggests that one's behavior and performance are subject to random fluctuations rather than grounded in steadfast principles and habits. That is another OUCH!

Repeated use of "sometimes" creates a perception of inconsistency and unreliability, which can lead to missed opportunities, stalled career advancement, and damaged relationships with colleagues and superiors. That is a third OUCH … and as it is in baseball … with three strikes you are out. SO, “sometimes” will undermine your efforts to build a strong professional reputation and can result in being passed over for important projects or promotions.

To safeguard your career, do everything you can to replace “Sometimes” with “Always.” Now we are talking about a totally different person. Consistency, reliability, integrity, and accountability are synonymous with your name. “Always” paves the way for long-term success and advancement in the workplace.

I’ll leave you with this quote:

“Your reputation is built on

consistently delivering results.

Make it a habit to always

make your best effort,

and success will follow."

- Unknown


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