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The Disappointment Of LESS

Robert Stevenson Blog - Expectations vs. Reality

None of us like to be disappointed, but if we are alive, then we will always be dealing with some sort of personal disappointment. Today, I want to address the business side of disappointment and ask you, “How do you deal with companies that disappoint you?” My answer is simple: I take my business somewhere else. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Disappointed, displeased, unsatisfied, unhappy customers all happen because of one simple word … the company or person delivered LESS than expected, LESS than required, LESS than promised. Eventually LESS will kill any company. LESS is a disease that is caused by a poor corporate culture. The moment when LESS becomes acceptable as being OK to deliver … is the MOMENT the disease will start to spread and begin destroying a company. The two pictures below perfectly illustrate LESS.

2 pictures of hamburgers with reality vs expectation, what you asked for what you got. The same with 2 cups of hot chocolate.

a list of expectations and excuses.

If any of these statements can be said about you or your company … you can EXPECT me to take my business elsewhere. If you want to succeed, you better fully understand what it is your customer is expecting and do everything you can to never deliver LESS than their expectations. When you make your customers’ expectations become a reality … everyone wins.

LESS from you will always result in …

MORE business for your Competition.


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