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The World's Most Underrated Secret To Success

Robert Stevenson Blog - Make them Feel Important

If I told you I knew the world’s most underrated secret to success, would I have your attention? If I told you that you didn’t have to be brilliant or talented to make it work for you, would that interest you even more? But, if I told you ANYONE could do it, would that take away from how valuable the information is? Would you be thinking, well if anyone can do, it must not be that great of an idea?

You see, I find that to be the problem with most great advice. Most people believe, it can only be great advice, if it came from someone famous. It can only be great advice, if it is hard to do. It can only be great advice, if it came from someone who is brilliant. I totally disagree with all of those statements. To me, it is great advice if it works and makes my life easier, better, safer, and/or more prosperous. It can be great advice if it teaches, helps, and directs me. The problem with most great advice is that most people don’t take it, heed it, or use it wisely.

The good news about this advice is it did come from a famous and highly successful person … so maybe that will make you feel more like using it. Mary Kay Ash built a company that now has over 3 million consultants and is doing $3 billion in sales based on this one RULE: “Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around their neck that says, ‘Make Me Feel Important.’ Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.”

Everyone wants to feel important, special, needed, appreciated, and wanted. A condescending comment, pompous arrogance, better-than-thou attitude will get you nowhere. Maya Angelou was an American poet, singer, and civil rights activist once said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

If you want to be successful, treat every single person you meet like they are the most important person you will meet today. Make this a habit. Never waiver on this rule. Because, if you follow this simple rule, people will be singing your praises because of how you made them feel. They will be talking about how great you are because of how important you made them feel; isn’t that an interesting twist. So, to make people feel important …


Include them in the conversation


Mindful of their feelings


Praise their work & efforts


Open to their suggestions


Recognize their contribution


Thankful for their input & help


Appreciate them and show it


Nice – the only way to treat anyone


Thoughtful – considerate of their needs


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