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Two Words You Should Never Forget

Robert Stevenson Blog - Thank you

I heard it once said that, “Anyone too busy to say, ‘Thank You,’ will soon have fewer chances to say it.” Remembering to say “THANK YOU” can make you money and friends. Forgetting those 2 simple words can disappoint anyone. DISAPPOINT is a very powerful and scary word. You see, disappoint can turn into other “Dis” words, such as...disgruntled, discouraged, disenthralled, disillusioned, disheartened, and dissatisfied.

Several weeks ago, my wife was in a car accident and her car was totaled. Consequently, we had to purchase a new car. I am not going to bore you with all we went through to make our final selection, which is a story for another day. Today, I want to address one POWERFUL point you should never forget. Because, if you do, it could prove to be very costly.

To my amazement, we have not heard one thing from the salesperson who sold us the car. Not a follow-up phone call and especially not even a “Thank You.” Buying a car is NO small purchase and I am sure the salesperson made a handsome commission. The salesperson did ask us to go “On-Line” and write a recommendation and even handed us a sheet of paper explaining how to do that. Evidently, she thought she had done a great job and deserved a high rating.

BUT, to me, the sale wasn’t over yet. The financial paperwork had been done, we had taken possession of our car, it was tagged and titled, and we have now even received the official title from the State of Florida … but the sale isn’t over in my mind. I’m still waiting on a “Thank You,” that I know now, I will never get. I guess you can say, I am disappointed and dissatisfied with the way things turned out.

Will there be any consequences to her NOT sending a “Thank You” note … or even a simple email? “You bet-cha!” She made her commission on that car, but she will never make another commission from us! Will we recommend her to our friends? Nope! Our son, Tyler, is interested in a new model that has just come out made by the same automaker. Will we be calling our past salesperson at the dealership? Nope! That salesperson could have a “lay-up” sale from him, but it won’t happen.

I personally don’t think you can say “Thank You” too often. When a waiter brings me my food, refills my glass, takes my dishes away … I say, “Thank You.” You could be thinking, “Rob, that is their job, they are required to do that.” You’re right. But, those little “Thank Yous” can cause you to get your food faster and receive better service. An associate stays late to help you out … say “Thank You.” No matter how small the gesture is, say “Thank You.”

Follow this simple rule: Say “Thank You” to everyone you meet for everything they do for you. Being grateful OPEN DOORS. Being ungrateful CLOSES them. A simple “Thank You” has magic. It warms the heart and can create a connection between people. The smallest “Thanks” is ALWAYS worth more than the effort required to say it. These two simple words can take you far in life. Never underestimate the POWER of saying, “Thank You!”


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