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Mother’s Day Wish

God couldn't be he made mothers

On this Mother’s Day

my wish is simple for you.

That you feel your mothers’ love

as I always do.Happy Mother’s Day to

all you wonderful mothers.

I lost my mother years ago,

I miss her so very much.

She could soothe all your worries,

by her gentle, loving touch.

Serving her God, her husband and children,

striving to be the perfect wife,

she has now gone to join her husband and God,

completing her circle of life.

She taught me countless things,

but the most important I hold so dear,

she always looked for only the good,

things that would bring happiness and cheer.

She felt that if we looked for the good,

real life burdens wouldn’t seem so bad.

She refused to give up her smile,

to her it was the most important thing she had.

It represented her lot in life,

to give happiness, joy, and love;

to make us feel great about living,

now she does it from above.

I know she is looking down upon me,

I can feel her as I write.

I wish I could have one last hug,

he always held so tight.

So, thanks Mom for all you’ve done,

your support, your love, your care.

You never wavered, gave in, or gave up,

thanks for always being there.

Yes, I will miss her every day,

for I know she loved me so much,

but she is always forever with me,

I can feel her gentle touch.

So, on this Mother’s Day

my wish is simple for you.

That you feel your mother’s love

as I always do.


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