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Six Wishes For The Holidays

Robert Stevenson Blog - Happy Holidays

I wish the SPIRIT of the season to be with you and it follow you in everything you do. So, I offer six wishes, hopes and prayers, that will stay with you and always be there. I offer my wishes as gifts you cannot hold, but they are more precious than silver or gold. Here are my six wishes, hopes and prayers, they are now yours, so feel free to share.

S miles

You have countless smiles and fun for all.

P recious

There are precious moments to share with family and friends

I magine

I wish for all the happiness your heart can imagine.

R elationships

I hope relationships are made stronger by the love that is shared.

I ncredible

You have the incredible feeling of joy this holiday season is meant to bring.

T ime

You have the time to be with those you hold so dear.


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